7 Continents – 7 Volcanoes

147 / 5 000 Résultats de traduction star_border Called the 7 Volcano Summits, this challenge which emerged 10 years ago includes the ascent of the highest volcanoes of the 7 continents. Bastien MARTINEZ, who initiated this expedition, has been a high mountain guide for more than 20 years, he travels the peaks of the entire chain of the Alps all year round. He contacted Edouard MEYER, photographer and videographer to highlight these places still little known to the general public, magnificent and majestic, helped by Hugo RUGGERI, assistant photographer and confirmed mountaineer. We both carry the project of this expedition, which some of you will be able to come and share with us. A limited number of places are planned to come with us to observe the world from the top of the peaks of some of these sleeping giants.


The date of the first expedition is finally set, and it will be Kilimanjaro from January 7th to 16th 2023!

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It is no longer presented, the mythical Kili is both the highest volcano and the highest mountain of the African continent



Located in Mexico, the highest volcano in North America, it is one of the most technical mountaineering of the 7.



Located in Iran it is the highest volcano in Asia.



The highest volcano in the world culminating at 6893m, it is located between Chile and Argentina in the Andes cordillera.



Located in Papua New Guinea, in the heart of Oceania which it overlooks



In Antarctica, it is not its height that will be a challenge for this expedition, but the cold, the wind, the faults... and already the journey !


The highest peak in Europe, located in the north of the Caucasus range, an 11-day expedition.